Feature: Free artist patterns on repeatxrepeaty.com

I just came across a pretty cool site, called repeatxrepeaty.com, where you can download cool and some funny patterns for free. All made by great artists and illustrators, so no crappy stuff. You can find some kawaii patterns there as well. Enjoy.

Via How About Orange


Blog feature: Far Far Hill


I recently became a little bit interested in art journaling and so I came across a lot of free things like papers and stuff to print. The internet is full of that ❤ ლ(╹◡╹ლ)
One blog that really impressed me with it's wide range of backgrounds and elements is Far Far Hill. It's mostly retro/vintage stuff in a very high resolution. So you can use these things for journaling, scrapbooking, ACEOs or whatever you want. (But especially if you use them for ACEOs: please respect, that they're only for personal use. So don't sell cards, made with these)

Some of my favourites are:
violet flowers
old style backgrounds
retro style summer papers
sweets and berries
old japanese paper

January spam

Art update plz. Wow, just four weeks passed since my last entry! NEW RECORD!!1 Nyah okay. This month passed very quick and I actually made 2 (!) drawings. Adore my awesomeness!!
Okay... I should shut up now. So here comes the crap:



I tried some new stuff at the first one (hærværk), with colored pencils, strange colors and the like. I somehow like the coloring and the scene, but I also know that the proportions are really creepy lol. So I'm not really proud of it. It's like I'm totally out of practice, because I don't draw that much anymore...
Nya. The second one is much better I think. It's for Momo's and Ren's Inumimi-contest on Animexx. The character is the result of my idea of a mongrel-girl, who lives on whatever she finds in trash cans. She's a hobo! \°u°/

And now, some... uhm yeah... it's indescribable /D Just take a look:


You maybe think "WTF IS WRONG WITH PIKACHUS NOSE?!?!!1ASDF!!1 D8" But let me tell you, that this is not Pikachu. It's Trikachu! Based on the drawing of a friend, who once wanted to draw a Pikachu at school and didn't remember, how a Pikachus nose looks. (I should mention, that she's not into anime or drawing or anything like that) So she asked me, and I replied "It's nothing special. A standard comic-animal nose, you know. That kind, that looks like... a triangle... I guess... °_°" And so she drew, what you can see on the sketch below. It's her awesome original sketch, which I own now!1 Proudplz.
And the other thing is... that spewing bellsprout... The other day, we were listing Pokémon for some reason, and she came up with "Knospana". But she meant bellsprout, which is "Knofensa" in german. So I forced her to draw a Knospana too (on the right). And if you ask me, that thing, which is supposed to be a tounge looks like puke /D
Nya. The result of all this stuff is the small ACEO-sized picture, you see here. I made it as a present for her, and it seemed like she actually liked it %D

Original sketch by Jiji


Junk. Made this some days ago out of boredom lol. It felt somehow stupid to draw after I haven't done it for a while. And it came out totally unmanry /D Hm.
Oh, and it's again one of these "I just wanted to draw these clothes"-things...
lol OTL


Yo folks... yo!

I'm kinda back! Nyohoho! I became pretty lazy these days. But that's just because I'm more into music than anime (or drawing) at the moment and I also have a weekend-job now, so I'm working six days a week. That means, I earn money for the stuff I want, but of course have less time and power to draw. Don't hate me for that plz o3ó
I also started another blog for my private blahs: Egernpølse
That doesn't mean that I'll close this one, but that I will post only my art-stuff here. So, if you want to know something about my private life, read Egernpølse - for my art, stay here!

And here comes my recent stuff lol:
Yoah. I'm not sure about my satisfaction with this one. I'm not really proud of it, but that's maybe just because I finished it in a omg-I-hate-my-art-mood... Maybe It's not as bad as I think. I raped it to death with filters \°u°/

A small commission I made for the birthday of Traumhaendler from Animexx. Commissiond by her friend Cheezu.

A birthday ACEO for Ren aka Bitsubachi! It's her OC Sachi. I like it somehow, but I think my version is way too girly lol %D

And This is what I'm currently working on:
Another Commission. Actually I started working on it, weeeeeks ago. But there is so much pressure, because I get really much money for it and so Im always like (°[]°) while drawing. I'm really afraid to mess it up. I know I'm stupid. But i think I will finish it soon! Ganbare! >A</