Happy belated BH-Day

Yesh, on Thursday (o7/22) we celebrated BH-Day! The 2nd birthday of Blueberry-Heaven! Not the account (nor the dA-account). But July 22nd 2oo8 was the day, Momo (Blueberry-Ichigo) wrote a fateful comment on my Rodoyan-drawing ! Click to see. There is a Blueberry-Heaven-version too, due to the BH-day.
Of course, nobody knew of it before (or was even interested), but next year you must wear something blue or a bra or both in our honor plz! Promise! ò3ó/
Oh, not nobody. Obama knew! And he congratulated uwû

Nyow. I made some crap for it too. But I failed so hard, that I don't even want to submit it somewhere else but here. OTL
You should shut your eyes to it! Seriously! Don't look! Dx

I told you not to look at it u3ú
You'd rather take a look at this BH-Tan, I drew a long time ago (may):

Lack of updates ftw! orz