Language learning with Internet-Kun

Attentionplz! I think this entry will not be interesting for all, but I thought it's maybe useful for some of you. Otherwise simply ignore the text. -w-/
Okay. So as you may have noticed by reading the title, this entry is about language learning. I'm pretty sure that some of you think about learning japanese or another foreign language one time or another and don't know how to start, or think that you need a pricey language course for that. Maybe you need that sooner or later, if you want to learn a language seriously and not just for fun. But for the basics, the internet comes up with really helpful sites and stuff for free and easy to understand!
I started learning danish (and reading kana) a few weeks ago and so I collected some thingies, which help me a lot. I'll share only japanese (cuz I think, you are interested) and danish (cuz I use it) stuff here, but I'm pretty sure it will work for almost any other language (or other stuff you want to learn) as well.
But enough of the blah, here we go~ (below the Inti-Kun junk lol)


1. Audio language courses/Podcasts: In my opinion the most helpful thing you can get out there. And no, you don't need an Ipod therefor. Most of the podcasts have homepages or blogs, where you can download them as well, or at least listen. Just google it.


Learn Japanese Pod - with Beb and Alex japanese / english //
I actually haven't listened to many japanese learning podcasts so far, but I'm really confident of this one!

Japanisch Podcast - with Sana japanese / german //
Cute, short lessons for those of you, who prefer german lol

Copenhagencast - with Louise Sand danish / english //
Highly recommended! Cute dialogues/short stories, which let you remember very well, what you have learned. Beside the main lessons, you can also download danish only lessons and pdf-lesson notes on the page!

Dare to Danish - with Rasmus Rasmussen danish / english //
Something for your lols! You can learn short, epic sentences like "Your lips look like slugs" or "I burped through my nose" here! Everything you always wanted to know...

2. Anki: A great, simple program, which lets you create flash cards, or download ready-made card decks.
I learned most of the kana I know, just by using Anki!
Check to see how it works, and for the download. There is an online version as well.

3. An online learning platform, where you can choose various goals to learn. It's like a game which is a little bit similar to Anki. With repetition and the like. But instead of just getting the answer shown by the program, you have to choose/give the answer by yourself. But be sure to change the language of your keyboard before you start typing, or you'll get wrong answers lol OTL

4. Lang-8: A community like facebook (I think? I don't have a facebook-account, so I don't know, but I guess), where you write something like a blog in the language you learn and native speakers correct the mistakes you have made. I'm sure this helps a lot, but I haven't subscribed there yet, because I don't think, that I already know enough to write something senseful orz
(What I do instead: I write kind of a diary or someting for myself and a few days later, the advanced me corrects it %DDD OTL OTL OTL)

5. Other Stuff:

Music, Radio and Tv-Shows: Things you can link with melodies or stuff you have seen, are much easier to remember, than just the bare stuff you read once upon a time. Also you learn some pronounciation there.

Recommendations (only danish this time, but I'm sure you know enough japanese stuff yourself):

DR P3 // Danish Radio broadcast
Drengene fra Angora / Angora by Night // Danish Comedy Show - very stupid in a positive way <3

Blogs and Twitter: Read a blog of your interest to pick up idiomatic phrases. I think you should know some idioms if you don't want to sound like a grammar-robot.
And if you have twitter, stalk follow someone you like. Most tweets are easy to translate, because of their shortness and are - like blogs - idiomatic! Maybe the best online-dictionary of da whole webs with many languages to choose from. Unfortunately it has no japanese so far.
Also check out the language list!

Okay, i think that's it for today. I hope I haven't bored you to death. But feel free to throw some tomatoes and eggs if I did! °_°/

Anyways, here's another piece of... art... or something:

(Beniko & Michio - Beniko is an OC of Momo! Wan wan!)

I'm too lazy to put up all the recent stuff, I made during the last weeks/months (although it's not much). If you want to take a look at it, go to Milkyheaven @ Animexx

Long entry is loooooong!