DoKomi 2o11 // Aki is working plz

Joyplz!1 Today i got a letter from the DoKomi-staff <3
DoKomi (Doitsu Komikku Maaketto) is a german AniManga-convention. Klick for da Websaito!
Last year, some of their organisators asked me, if I'd like to draw something for their website and I was like "OMGBBQREALLY?! °///A°" and so I did it °u°/ The first thing was this maid, they even printed on their flyers. I didn't see them before today and omg - it's an awesome rainbowfeeling to see something selfdrawn printed. >//u<

Now I can feel important uwúb


And they even said sankyuu, so that everyone can see it!
MilkyHeaven!!1 THAT'S ME!!1 ASDFU!!


And here, the original maid lol:

And then, a few months later they wanted me to draw some other mascots. A tsundere and a shota-host. SHOTA!1 °U° I don't know, how they guessed, that I like shotas! Maybe because of my invisible Shotacat-Tatoo? D8 No, that can't be... They must have magical powers or something...
Nya. Anyways. Here the other characters. They added them to the website too. I'm always blushing so hard, when I see them there. I shouldn't go there again. That makes me unmanry D8


They said, that they'll invite me to the convention for free as a reward. And so, all you dudes and dudettes can meet me there. Yah. I'm sure, everyone wants it now. Because I'm important! ùwú
So watch out for the lovey dovey Yoah-cosplayers! Or the leftover bloody sludge of it...
I'm Noah lol.