TaS restart in 2012

Aloha, my leftover readers! °3°/

Long time, no post. As usual.
Anyways... Yeah, right. TaS will be back soon.
But to keep it going, more specifically to have reasons to update it more often I will kinda change the main topic of this blog. So it won't be just drawing-related anymore. It wouldn't make sense to do that, since I rarely produce anything postworthy anymore (Of course that doesn't mean, that I won't post any junks or stuff at all - just not enough to call this thing an art-blog).
So - to come to the point - I will soon blog about anything I like to share. Art, fashion, cute stuff, stupid things... whatever comes into my mind. I hope you don't mind that. Otherwise GTFO! lol

So with that said, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you in 2012