Yoho~ °u°/

Welcome to my blog ´3`~
I'm starting this blog, because I'm going to close my website soon. The server rarely works, and I'm sick of searching for another one... OTL But if you want, you can still see my older works at my Livejournal-gallery (It's not complete yet, but I will upload the rest soon) or at my main galleries at deviantART and Animexx (the links are on the right °3°/)
All my new drawings/oekakis/characterdesigns/junks/whatever will be posted here too, as long and often as I feel like it -u-

Okay. I didn't want to start this blog, before I had at least a simple junk-art drawn for the first entry. And heeere it is~


Nothing special /D Just a little crackpairing-game I did with Momo (also known as BlueberryIchigo) We got her OC Cassander Collins and my OC Suzuru Isatori and so I drew them. Yay. Random information is random. Bah, I should stop writing now. There's just crap coming out, sorry~ nyanya...


oh kack ich hab die hälfte vergessen D/
cassander sieht aus wien womanizer D:
oder kommt mir das nur so vor? /D er könnte einer sein oder? °__°

Sie sind episch °D°/

Jaaa! FC2 Blog! Du hast definitiv eine gute wahl getroffen [��ʸ��:v-238] Wilkommen <3

Ich freu mich schon auf deine Einträge und der erste ist ja mal super <3


Willkommen in fc2 Blog und viel Spaß beim bloggen! ^_^

P.S.: Süße Zeichnung! x3

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