Yo folks... yo!

I'm kinda back! Nyohoho! I became pretty lazy these days. But that's just because I'm more into music than anime (or drawing) at the moment and I also have a weekend-job now, so I'm working six days a week. That means, I earn money for the stuff I want, but of course have less time and power to draw. Don't hate me for that plz o3ó
I also started another blog for my private blahs: Egernpølse
That doesn't mean that I'll close this one, but that I will post only my art-stuff here. So, if you want to know something about my private life, read Egernpølse - for my art, stay here!

And here comes my recent stuff lol:
Yoah. I'm not sure about my satisfaction with this one. I'm not really proud of it, but that's maybe just because I finished it in a omg-I-hate-my-art-mood... Maybe It's not as bad as I think. I raped it to death with filters \°u°/

A small commission I made for the birthday of Traumhaendler from Animexx. Commissiond by her friend Cheezu.

A birthday ACEO for Ren aka Bitsubachi! It's her OC Sachi. I like it somehow, but I think my version is way too girly lol %D

And This is what I'm currently working on:
Another Commission. Actually I started working on it, weeeeeks ago. But there is so much pressure, because I get really much money for it and so Im always like (°[]°) while drawing. I'm really afraid to mess it up. I know I'm stupid. But i think I will finish it soon! Ganbare! >A</


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